Rio Bravo, Mexico
April 18, 2013 —

Twenty years ago, a Methodist ministry in Oklahoma started a mission to build casitas in Rio Bravo, Mexico, a small town located in the Northeast corner of the country in a region called Tamaulipas. NAFTA had recently granted a free-trade zone that included Rio Bravo, and workers from the South of Mexico were migrating to […]

A note from Pastor Chris Riedel...

I continue to rejoice in a wonderful week in Rio Bravo. Thirty nine people traveled from Arcola Church to northeastern Mexico to work in Rio Bravo and the border town of Nuevo Progresso. We worked with Manos Juntas, a ministry of the Mexican Methodist Church. Some highlights:

  • We continued construction on a community center in Nuevo Progresso which we hope to open in stages starting this fall. We laid block, poured concrete, applied stucco and hung sheetrock.
  • For the first time, we hosted a medical clinic in three locations including one outside under a tree. Led by our Physician's Assistant, Robbie Schmand, and some wonderful nurses, the clinics provided basic medical care to over 100 children and adults. Our hope is to continue these clinics in conjunction with other groups so medical care is consistent throughout the year for many of the poor in Rio Bravo. And yes, we distributed all the Gummy Vites!!!
  • We hosted an afternoon Bible school in Rio Bravo for some 45 children. We sang, danced, played games and told stories of God's love for all. The last afternoon together we engaged in a mass baptism, otherwise known as a water balloon fight. The Kingdom of God was filled with much joy.
  • We continued to build community with our friends in Rio Bravo as we tested our soccer skills against many locals--not too successfully I am afraid--and hosted a fiesta in a city park where there was fun, laughter and friends were made.

What's next?

  • Our college mission team will travel to Rio Bravo December 27 to January 2 of this year to build a cafeteria for a kindergarten-you can sign up for this online.
  • Next summer we will travel with high schoolers and adults to start work on an elementary school. Tentative dates for this are June 20-26, 2015.
  • You can support this vital work financially at

Pastor Chris Riedel