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Your Donations for 2017 Go Towards:

Construction and Developing a Community of Hope

After a successful trips building “casitas,” (small homes), schools for the children of Rio Bravo—providing a sustainable way out of the poverty cycle for Rio Bravo’s next generation—and building a community center (that serves as a gathering place and a high school and college/trade school for the community). This year, we are building cafeterias for local kindergartens, so that all children may be nourished.


In addition to building schools, cafeterias and community centers to improve the education of the youth in Rio Bravo, Bricks of Hope is also raising funds to provide students with computers, scholarships and other necessary school supplies. Your donations will help children from kindergarten to high school to further their education. Donations will also go towards hosting two bible schools, one in Nuevo Progresso and one in Rio Bravo to engage local children in songs, games and scripture.

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