Stories of Hope


The Bricks of Hope mission began with building casitas for families relocating to Tamaulipas. The 12 x 16 block homes are built on land owned by the families, and best of all, the families help us build!


We currently support the education of 16 children and young adults in Rio Bravo. Although the students all attend public schools there are still fees and other costs associated with schooling. In June 2013, we’re excited to watch five young women graduate from high school—all of whom have been sponsored by Bricks of Hope for the past four years.

Elinore Jean Riedel Kindergarten

The Elinore Jean Riedel Kindergarten is a public kindergarten that serves one of the poorest neighborhoods of Rio Bravo and has become the model for other schools being built in the area. Five and six year olds attend during morning and afternoon shifts, with a total of 150 students currently enrolled in the school. Additionally, the Mexican government provides students’ mothers with food to be prepared into a meal that is served daily in the cafeteria built by Bricks of Hope.

High School and Community Center

This project is complete and located in Nuevo Progresso, a border town just outside of Rio Bravo. The community center is home to area activities as well as a high school, trade school and college. The community center is built on the same city block as the school, and will serve the 80,000 residents of Nuevo Progresso.

Our current building project is creating cafeteria space for the local kindergarten facilities. We know that it is easier for a child to learn when they are nourished with a good meal.